About Us




Sculpting Fit Bodies specializes in Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching. We provide traditional in gym training, in-home, apartment/office gym, and outdoor workout sessions. Our fitness philosophy is derived on the principle of giving your personal best every session, circuit, set and down to the rep. "No Shortcuts, Just Hard Work" is what we live by. Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body.

Providing our clients with scientifically based training concepts and philosophies helps ensure optimal results and performance.  We pride our reputation on our clients’ success and positive feedback.  Our sessions will be fun, dynamic, engaging, and designed around your specific goals. So start your fitness journey with us today.

We train clients in the Decatur City,GA Area.

We also offer in-home service. If you have an in-house gym, apartment\office fitness facility or an open space we can come directly to you.